Games in which you can find music from The Color Zero.

Color Frenzy

Color Frenzy

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In 2011, I had the privilege of creating this camera-based iOS game from scratch, doing all music, code, and design. The theme song used is a simplified (and happier) version of an upcoming song called “Library of Stone”. (That song will likely be in a 2013 release.)

The game itself challenges you to get up and move around to find good color matches and good lighting to clear matching pieces on the screen. Levels get progressively faster and colors become more diverse and thus harder to match.

Paleo Squish

Paleo Squish

I’m currently working on the music, code, and artwork for this prehistoric bug-squisher. The theme music is a fast, tribal piece. Sound effects are all original samples, including grunts, bugs, explosions, bonuses, etc.

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