The Color Zero is the physical embodiment of mind, matter, and music collectively referred to as Ryan Lewis.

The project began as both an academic and personal exercise in creative regurgitation, resulting in hours upon hours of bad posture over a laptop, fragmented bits of audio, lines upon lines of hacked-together software prototypes, and unhealthy quantities of C8H10N4O2.

The Color Zero project was also born out of the overwhelming fear of returning this sack of meat to the ground before its best ideas had been made manifest and shared with other breathing beings. And yet, so much TC0 material remains unpublished. But this is an intractable problem, as The Color Zero produces aspirations, concepts, song riffs, melodies, and techniques faster than it is possible to bring them all to fruition.

Ooh, look. Something shiny… Ta ta for now.

The Shepherds are Watching,
The Color Zero

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